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This is a free online volcano database, with information about all the currently known volcanoes!

Every volcano features the basic statistics, as well as a very detailed map, with both urban and satellite photos, and a google earth placeholder.
You can consult this information for your personal use!

We have a series of useful pages to help you get your information:

  • Each volcano has a dedicated page with detailed information about its altitude, longitude, latitude, current status, last eruption, location
  • We have a small introductory section to help you get started in the world of volcanoes
  • We have provided a useful menu on the right and an easy volcano search engine : you can search volcanoes by status, location, type and name..

Volcanoes are the most amazing, mysterious, and exciting natural formations on Earth. An erupting volcano inspires sacred awe with its power and onslaught of fire. Invading human life, volcanoes bring death, destruction, fires, and even the delaying and cancellation of flights.


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